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Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Marketing Lessons From A Pimp

5 Marketing Lessons From A Pimp

Before the transformation...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stop...Right now

I got a(nother) call today from a recruiter who saw my profile on one of the career sites. I get these from time to time, and sometimes I listen, especially if the project sounds promising.

Today, not so much. For whatever reason recruiters think they have to, she:

1. Didn't give me her last name.
2. Didn't say what company she was with.
3. Didn't ask if this was a good time to talk.

Which left me to ask all the questions and feeling very duped. She didn't offer any trust from the very beginning, which must have shown in my voice, because when I told her I'd get back to her, she didn't sound a bit surprised.

Now: Are you being honest with your prospects? A relationship that starts with deception (or at least omission) is not going to go very far.
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