Monday, August 9, 2010

If They Knew You...

Has anybody heard of you? Probably not. Think about a stranger you pass on the street or in front of you at the grocery store. Do you think, if you knew that person, if you knew their backstory, where they came from, what their life story was, how they got to where they are now, would you buy from them?

If you knew that person started with a little sidewalk cart, moved up into a hole in the wall cafe, and eventually turned the business into a thriving franchise, would you be more likely to buy from them?

Most people would. People like to buy from people they know, or at least think they know.

Also, people like to tell their friends stories...the story of the woman on the corner who has the best pastry shop in the world, and she started in her mother's kitchen making cupcakes that she now sells to world famous celebrities, and you know what? You can buy them too!

Ever heard the story of how eBay got started? Or Hewlett Packard? Or Microsoft? Those stories may or may not be true - some of them have been complete fabrications, but the point is, it's the story that sells. The story you tell, to help them to get to know you.

Because they won't buy from a stranger. But once they get to know you, you aren't a stranger anymore.

Bob Wallis is a speaker, author, and consultant who helps business owners increase their profitability by improving their visibility. Contact him at The Wallis Group

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